October 2014
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Bertrice Small


My dear Readers and Friends:

Here we are in the month of October which happens to be one of my favorite months. On the 5th my late husband, George, and I would have celebrated 51 years of marriage. On the 12th my oldest granddaughter, Cora, will celebrate her 16th birthday. And the trees are beginning to turn orange, gold, red, and bronze. It really is a glorious month.

I'm still working on finishing up the last book in my Silk Merchant's Daughters series. I apologize to all of you for not having a new book out this year. It is the first time since 1980 that has happened. SERENA's tale will be well worth the wait I promise you. While you wait just re-read her sisters stories. Or one of the other 50+ books I have written in my 36 years as a published author.

Unfortunately I have been ill. A first for me. I have never been a "sick" person. I am not very patient with it although I have been reminded by this illness that I am really just a mere mortal. Funny, I never considered that. LOL! Nothing terribly serious, but it was and is time consuming.

My son, Tom, single parent extraordinaire, is managing well with the children. Chandler is looking for work and will be entering our local community college in the Spring term. Cora is a high school junior, and I just can't believe it. Time goes so darned quickly. Sophia is now a 6th grader, and Evan, our youngest, is in 3rd grade. My grandchildren are growing up much too fast to suit me. I imagine some of you have this same "problem".

Well, my dears, I really have little else to report this month. I hope my brief newsletter finds you all well, and happy. Enjoy the Autumn where ever you are. God bless and good future reading from your most faithful author, Bertrice Small

Bertrice Small

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