April 2014
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Bertrice Small

APRIL 2014

My dear Readers and Friends:

This will be a short newsletter as nothing of serious interest is happening in your most faithful author's life right now. I have been ill. A surprise to me as I have always been fortunate to have good health. My kidneys, however, have decided they have done enough, and so I am on dialysis three times a week. Fortunately I can work while this is being done, and it doesn't hurt at all.

I'm finishing up SERENA, the last in The Silk Merchant's Daughters series. I'm a bit behind for the first time in my long career. It doesn't make me happy, but as the saying goes, "it is what is is". I've always prided myself on being on time, and my publisher has come to rely on it. Oh dear!

On a happier note, Romance Writers of America, a.k.a. RWA, is giving me its Lifetime Achievement Award this year. Sadly I cannot go to Austin, Texas, where its convention is being held this year, to accept. However my son. Thomas, will be going to accept for me. I was very surprised when he told me because Thomas is a bigger stick-in-mud than I am, and doesn't like being jostled. He told me that "Dad" would want him to do it, and so he would. I am both touched, and proud of my son. So sorry this isn't the year RWA holds their conference in NYC. That's next year. I could have done a day trip then. We only live 100 miles from NYC. Oh well. I'll go to NYC next year, and congratulate the 2015 winner.

Don't remember if I mentioned that we now have Delilah's sister from the Shelter with us. We've named her Fiona, and she and Lila are identical except Lila has a black stripe down her nose, and Fie doesn't. It's the only way to tell them apart. And that's my news for the month. Glad the winter is over and done. Suspect most of you are too. Hope the Spring proves a happy one for us all. God bless, and good reading from your most faithful author,

Bertrice Small

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