November 2014
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Bertrice Small


My dear Readers and Friends:

November. The month my late father celebrated his birthday, and my parents celebrated their anniversary. Oddly I do not forget these 2 dates. The writer in me, I suppose. I hope some of you have happy events to celebrate in this eleventh month of the year. Of course for me it is the first month of the new year as I like to keep the Celtic calendar.

The past four weeks have not been particularly exciting. I am struggling to finish the last book in "The Silk Merchant's Daughters" series. I have never been so slow with a book before. The reason for the delay? I have to buy a laptop PC, and have been resisting the expense. Those of you who follow me know I have been "ill". However I have not told you why I have been ill. I have Multiple Myaloma, i.e. bone-blood cancer. My kidneys are failing, and I spend 3 days a week on dyalisis. No pain. No problem with the brain - LOL - just time consuming, and hence the need for the laptop so I can work. I promise to purchase one and finish this book for you. I plan to have it into my publisher by year's end.

As November begins the weather is still mild on eastern Long Island. The flowers in the garden and the window boxes are still in full bloom. We have not yet had a frost. Since as I am not a fan of winter it cheers me to still have blooming flowers. The trees are just beginning to turn here. The leaves on the dogwood outside my office window are all a bright red. My big herb pots are still thriving. I love the late autumns here.

The family is well I am happy to report. Chandler and his dad are deciding what comes next for him. I believe he will begin Community College after the new year with the spring term. Cora is in her junior year of high school, and has a serious beau, a.k.a. "boyfriend". He's a nice young man and we all like him. Sophia is a sixth grader. This is her last year at Our Lady of Mercy. Next year she'll enter Southold Middle School. Evan is in third grade there, and is doing well I'm pleased to say. As for my son...Tom is learning just how tough it is to be a single parent. LOL! Even if you have a partner, we all know that it is the women who handle just about everything. Tom is now discovering that, but I am proud to say he's keeping up pretty well, even dealing with a sixteen year old daughter. Remember sixteen?

Well, my dear, that's just about all from me. Nothing exciting. I'm already planning Thanksgiving for the family. I hope you will all have a terrific month and a good Turkey Day. God bless, and good reading from your most faithful author,

Bertrice Small

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