December 2014
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Bertrice Small


This new page is being set up for announcements regarding any new developments with my books and my career. Please refer to it when you need to know what's happening. You can also continue to refer to the Coming Attractions page as well.

May 4, 2013

For those of you in the listening area of KRPR in Rochester, Minnesota, Sat. night 10 to midnight you can hear my son, TOM SMALL and his newly syndicated music show. Tune in and be dazzled.

February 3, 2012

Read for the Heart
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January 5, 2011


December 11, 2011

The Message Board is coming back! So many have written to say they miss it, and so I am restoring it effective January 1st. My gift to my faithful Lively Ladies. Bertrice

September 20, 2011

Ladies! The new video is up. Comments? Bertrice

August 22, 2011

Dear Readers:

This is from my editor contact at Avon with regard to THE KADIN problems we've been having. I hope you will get your correct download now. Thanks for being so patient.

Hi Bertrice,

I just wanted to let you know that we have confirmation from our e-retailers that they have the right e-file, with the missing last chapter. Readers need to contact customer service of whichever e-retailer they purchased from to download the file again.

Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience. One day, someone, somewhere will get all this right. . .


August 20, 2011

The latest word I have from NAL is that they are trying to get all 3 of my earlier titles, ENCHANTRESS MINE, BLAZE WYNDHAM and A LOVE FOR ALL TIME (Book 3 in the Saga series) into e-format by 9/1/11. Update as I have it.

July 13, 2011

NEW VIDEO TRAILER POSTED 7/13/11: Guilty Pleasures

May 6, 2011

Good news for all my readers who possess e-Readers. All my Ballantine backlist will be released in e-format on May 25th. These include SKYE O'MALLEY, ALL THE SWEET TOMORROWS, THIS HEART OF MINE, LOST LOVE FOUND, AND WILD JASMINE which are 5 of the 6 books in "The O'Malley Saga" series. My single titles with Ballantine are also being released on May 25th. These include UNCONQUERED, BELOVED, THE LOVE SLAVE, HELLION, THE SPITFIRE, LOVE, REMEMBER ME, A MOMENT IN TIME,and TO LOVE AGAIN.

NAL will shortly be releasing my early backlist with them. I will be announcing the date shortly on those three titles which includes an "O'Malley Saga" book. Hope you will enjoy these books again, or for the first time in this exciting new format.

MAY 25TH is the date for SKYE O'MALLEY and the rest of my Ballantine titles.

April 11, 2011

Ever faithful readers, SKYE O'MALLEY, will be released as an e-book next month - May. When I have the exact date, and more info I will post it here!

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